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Today’s post is a continuation of the one that was posted yesterday, so if you have not read that post, you might want to do that in order to better understand this one.  At the end of yesterday’s post, it was stated that Rev. Friedrich August Ude got married in Thayer County, Nebraska in 1886.

I am going to once again display that Nebraska marriage record.

August Ude Biedermann Nebraska marriage record 1886
Ude/Biedermann  Nebraska marriage record

Rev. Biedermann, who had previously served Immanuel Lutheran Church in New Wells, would become the pastor at Trinity Lutheran Church in Friedensau, Nebraska.  Here is a photo of that church building as it might look today.

Trinity Friedensau Nebraska
Trinity Lutheran Church, Friedensau, NE

The following image gives some information about this congregation.

Trinity Friedensau Nebraska info
Trinity Lutheran Church, Friedensau information

Friedrich August Ude had attended Concordia Seminary in St. Louis and graduated sometime around 1884.  I think his first congregation was located in Thayer County, Nebraska, the same county in which Friedensau was located.  I think he may have been the pastor in Deshler.

I found the next Ude document for a marriage in 1889.  Three Ude brothers are noted on this form.  It was the marriage of Charles (Carl) Ude and Christina Anna Uphoff which took place on November 7, 1889 in Gladstone, Nebraska.  I am just displaying the bottom portion of the record where the pastor’s signature is found.

Charles Ude Uphoff Nebraska marriage record 1889
Ude/Uphoff marriage license

You will find three different Ude brothers on the above form.  Carl is the groom, Adolf is a witness and August is the pastor.  There is evidence here that all 3 of these brothers were already located in Nebraska in 1889.

The map below shows some locations of cities that will show up in this post.  Friedensau, as was said in the above information, was located 5 miles north of Deshler.

Deshler Gladstone Beatrice Nebraska map
Deshler, Gladstone, and Beatrice map

On April 12, 1894, Adolf Ude, yesterday’s birthday boy, married Emilie “Millie” Hagemeyer.  We can look at their marriage record.

Ude Hagemeyer Nebraska marriage license
Ude/Hagemeyer Nebraska marriage record

Millie Hagemeyer was the daughter of Charles and Catherine (Pauels) Hagemeyer.  She was born on October 17, 1873 in Peoria, Illinois.  We see her in the 1880 census for that city when she was 7 years old.

Amelia Hagemeyer 1880 census Peoria IL
1880 census – Peoria, IL

By the time of her marriage, she was a resident of Jefferson County, Nebraska.  I do not know the reason for her relocation from Illinois.  A photo was taken of the Charles Hagemeyer family that includes Emilie.  She is standing in the back row, second from the left.

Charles Hagemeyer family
Charles Hagemeyer family

The 1900 census shows Adolf and Millie’s household living in the Lincoln Township of Jefferson County, Nebraska, which is where Gladstone was located.  At that time, Adolf was called a day laborer, and his family included 3 children.

Adolf Ude 1900 census Lincoln Township Jefferson County NE
1900 census – Lincoln Township, NE

His brother, Carl Ude, is actually found on the same page of that census.  He was called a salesman for a dry goods and grocery business.  He and Christina had 5 children at that time.

Carl Ude 1900 census Lincoln Township Jefferson County NE
1900 census – Lincoln Township, NE

In the year after Adolf’s marriage, another Ude marriage took place in Illinois.  Paul Ude married Anna Christina Baum in Madison County, Illinois on October 17, 1895.  Here is an Illinois record including information about that wedding.

Paul Ude Baum Illinois marriage record 1895
Ude/Baum Illinois marriage record

After that wedding, Paul and his wife moved back to Cape Girardeau County, where they were living in Byrd Township, the same one in which his father, August was still living and working as the County Treasurer.  Paul is said to be a farmer with 3 sons in his family.

Paul Ude 1900 census Byrd Township MO
1900 census – Byrd Township, MO

It must not have been long after this census that both Paul and his father relocated to Nebraska.  So, let’s take a look at where Carl, Adolf, and Paul, along with their father, were located when the 1910 census was taken.  First, let’s look at Carl’s census entry where he is still found in Gladstone.  He was called a retail merchant with his own store with 4 children living in his household.  Also, his father, August, was living in his household at the age of 72.

August Ude 1910 census Lincoln Township NE
1910 census – Lincoln Township, NE

Paul Ude can be found in the Lincoln Township also.  He was called a salesman in a general store.  I am guessing that he worked at his brother’s store in Gladstone.  His family was up to 6 children.

Paul Ude 1910 census Lincoln Township Jefferson County NE
1910 census – Lincoln Township, NE

I had a dickens of a time finding Adolf in the 1910 census on Ancestry.  I knew he was probably living in the Deshler area and had to look at numerous census pages before finding him.  Ancestry transcribed his name as Yde, not Ude.  That’s why I couldn’t find him by searching that site.  Adolf was called a storekeeper with his own store.  There were 6 children in his family.

Adolf Ude 1910 census Spring Creek Township NE
1910 census – Spring Creek Township, NE

I have to stray from the Ude family for a bit.  In this same 1910 census for Deshler, I found a Lutheran pastor by the name of Rev. William Cholcher.  I knew that name sounded familiar, and I found it in a post written by Fred Eggers a while back.  That post was titled, New York City‽‽‽.  You might enjoy going back to that story to read about Albert Cholcher, who is shown in this census as a student at Concordia (Seward) who later, while teaching in New York, traveled to Farrar, Missouri to play some baseball.

William Cholcher 1910 census Spring Creek Township MO
1910 census – Spring Creek Township, NE

A special document was written in 1915 by the patriarch of this family, August Ude, and later translated into English. August wrote his own life history for us to enjoy. I will share it here in two images.

August Ude life story – page 1
August Ude life story – page 2

August Ude would die in 1920 at the age of 81. He was buried in the Grace Lutheran Cemetery in Gladstone, Nebraska.

August Ude grave marker – Grace Lutheran, Gladstone, NE

Before he died, this photo of several members of the August Ude family was taken.

August Ude family

Next, we will look at the 3 Ude brothers in the 1920 census. First, here is the entry for Carl’s household. This entry specifically says that Carl operated a grocery store. Carl’s mother-in-law was living in their household.

1920 census – Lincoln Township, NE

Next, we will look at Paul’s household. Paul was called a retail merchant with 7 children.

1920 census – Buckley Township, NE

Adolf can be seen in this census living in Deshler. He is called a salesman at a general store with 7 children in his household.

1920 census – Deshler, NE

We will move on to the 1930 census entries for these 3 brothers. Again, we will first look at Carl Ude. At this time, it was just he and Christina and his mother-in-law.

1930 census – Lincoln Township, NE

By 1930, Paul Ude had moved his family to Beatrice, Nebraska where he was a clerk in a grocery store.

1930 census – Beatrice, NE

Next, we once again find Adolf living in Deshler, and it says he was the proprietor of a grocery store.

1930 census – Deshler, NE

Carl Ude died in 1931, so he is not found in the 1940 census. His wife is still to be found living in Twin Falls, Idaho in the household of her daughter, Eleanore, who was married to Rev. Martin Zagel.

1940 census – Twin Falls, ID

Paul was still living in Beatrice in 1940 with an empty nest.

1940 census – Beatrice, NE

Adolf was still living in Deshler, also with an empty nest.

1940 census – Deshler, NE

It must have been in 1945 that Adolf and Millie Ude celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Here is a newspaper article written about that event.

Adolf and Minnie Ude 50th anniversary article

A photo of Adolf’s family was also taken. I believe Adolf and Minnie are standing in the back on the right.

Adolf Ude 50th anniversary

As said before, Carl Ude died in 1931. His wife, Christina, died in 1953. These two are buried in the Grace Lutheran Cemetery in Gladstone, Nebraska.

Paul died in 1945; his wife, Anna Christina, died in 1953. They are also buried in the Grace Lutheran Cemetery in Gladstone.

If you look closely, you will see that the two Anna Christina Ude’s died exactly a week apart from each other. It must have been quite unusual for some of those same family members to show up at Grace Lutheran Church for funerals for two Anna Christiana Ude’s within one week.

Millie Ude died in 1950; her husband, Adolf died in 1955. They are buried in the St. Peter Lutheran Cemetery in Deshler, Nebraska.

This post has also gotten long enough for one day, and there is still more to tell. So, you will have to wait another day for the rest of the story. Tomorrow, you will find out how this Ude family also stretched into Michigan and Minnesota.

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