Lutheran Education Continues

There is a reason no post was written earlier today. Not only did I attend worship this morning, I also attended a graduation ceremony today. Four years ago, I was enlisted to teach Algebra to a group of five students at United in Christ Lutheran School which is located here in East Perry County. Today, those 5 students were part of a graduating class of 47 from Saxony Lutheran High School.

I decided to write this short post to end my day in order to emphasize a very important aspect of our local culture that was begun when the Gesellschaft arrived on the shores of the Mississippi River back in 1839. Lutheran Christian education has always been important to the German Lutherans here in East Perry County. Even before Lutheran places of worship were built in this area, Lutheran places of education (schools) were built. The fact that these five students attended a Lutheran elementary school and now graduated from a Lutheran high school demonstrates that Lutheran education is still a high priority around here.

The surnames of the students shown above are Boehme, Benkendorf, Engert, and two Koenig’s. Boehme’s, Engert’s, and Koenig’s have shown up on this blog in numerous posts. The Benkendorf is a child of Rev. Benkendorf who served as pastor of Concordia Lutheran Church in Frohna until recently being called to serve Hanover Lutheran Church, another historic church in Cape Girardeau. I know these five young people are going to accomplish great things. Perhaps someone will be writing their stories on this blog in the future.

I should be back writing about some character from the past tomorrow.

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