Bachmann-Beyerlein “Happy Bicentennial Anniversary”

This will be a much shorter post than normal. I am once again away from Altenburg. This time, I am with family, and we will be celebrating a special birthday of my wife, Sandi, today. It’s one of those birthdays with a “0” in the ones’ place. That does not mean that the story I tell today is insignificant. I will describe a wedding that took place in Germany that resulted in 20 pages of Bachmann’s in our German Family Tree.

Johann Bachmann married Marie Beyerlein on July 3, 1821 in Ruckersdorf, Germany. A transcription of this couple’s marriage record from the Ruckersdorf parish is displayed below. It does not include the year of the marriage, but I can assure you that it took place in 1821.

Bachmann/Beyerlein marriage record

A previous post written by our friend, Wayne Schuessler, titled, Life on the Creek, made mention of this couple from Ruckersdorf. I will repost a few photos of Ruckersdorf from that story. First, here is the church located in that village.

Ruckersdorf church

Next, we see that church in a photograph of the village of Ruckersdorf. Both of these photos were taken by Wayne Schuessler when he visited Germany.

Village of Ruckersdorf

I also have shown a few other drawings of the Ruckersdorf parish in another previous post about a Theilig from that village.

I found an family history that lists 13 children born to this Bachmann/Beyerlein couple. I don’t know if that is accurate or not. I have no way of checking it. I do know that one particular son from this family, Heinrich Bachmann, made his way to Perry County, married Ernestine Koenig, and that couple was responsible for most of the pages of Bachmann’s in our German Family Tree.

I will also point out that one of Johann Bachmann’s sisters, Maria, married a man by the name of Johann Gottfried Hemmann on June 3, 1819. Although Maria Hemmann died before her husband brought his family to America in 1839, we know that J.G. Hemmann, between his two wives, is another person responsible for numerous pages of Hemmann’s in our German Family Tree. I might add that one of the grandsons from the Hemmann/Bachmann marriage also has a birthday today. His name was Gustav Hemmann, born on July 3, 1850, and his story has already been told on this blog.

So, today, we wish a Happy Bicentennial Anniversary to Johann and Maria Bachmann. Many, many descendants from the Bachmann family still living in East Perry County can trace their roots back to this little village and its church in Germany.

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  1. As a Great Great Great Grand Son of Marie Beyerlein and Johann Bachmann (not represented on those 20 pages of Bachmann’s in the German Family Tree), I thank you for their “Happy Bicentennial Anniversary” wishes.

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