California Wunder(lich)

I had a regular doctor’s checkup today, so I did not have time for researching a new story. Instead, I found a post that was written on this day 5 years ago.

For years and years, I have planted a variety of bell pepper in my garden called California Wonder.  It is a wonderful plant that produces large, sweet bell peppers.  One of the favorite meals made by my wife is stuffed green peppers.  California Wonder peppers are a chief ingredient for this wonderful dish.  Today’s story is about a California Wunderlich.

Martin Wunderlich was born on March 28, 1864 and baptized shortly thereafter at Immanuel Lutheran Church in New Wells, Missouri.  His parents were Johannes and Mary (Bendel) Wunderlich.  Johannes (John) was an 8 year old passenger on the Republik in 1838-1839.  John married Maria Josephine Bendel in 1857.  I found an indication on that said Maria was born at sea on September 11, 1839.  Martin was the fourth of ten children born into this family.  Six of the ten children were males and carried the Wunderlich name into the…

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