Yesterday’s post told the story of Rudolph Landgraf, who was born on September 2, 1872. On the very next day, another baby was born in the Central Township of Perry County. So, we celebrate another 150th birthday today. This time it was a baby girl.

Emma Marie Rauh was born on September 3, 1872, the daughter of Johann and Margaret (Lang) Rauh. Emma was baptized at Peace Lutheran Church in Friedenberg, so I am not able to display an image of her baptism record. Before Emma shows up in her first census, two events occur. First, her father died in 1877 when Emma was just 4 years old. A year later, her mother married again. She married Johann’s brother, Adam Rauh, in 1878. That means Emma’s stepfather was also her uncle. We see the Rauh household in the 1880 census, which would also be the only one in which we find Emma as a single woman. Emma was 7 years old at the time, and her stepfather/uncle was a farmer.

1880 census – Central Township, MO

I cannot display a photo of Emma’s parents, but I can show one of her mother with Adam Rauh.

Adam and Margaret Rauh

Now, we will take a look at the early life of the man who would become Emma’s husband. His name was Ferdinand George Bergmann. I knew right away that I had to be careful with this one. There are several Ferdinand Bergmann’s and several George Bergmann’s in our German Family Tree. This man is a combination of both of those names. Ferdinand was born on January 29, 1869, the son of Johann and Salome (Hoehn) Bergmann. He was also baptized at Peace, Friedenberg.

Since he was born before 1870, we find Ferdinand at the age of one in that year’s census. He is called George F. in this entry. His father was a farmer.

1870 census – Cinque Hommes Townwhip, MO

Next, we find Ferdinand in the 1880 census at the age of 11. The Bergmann family had gotten quite a bit larger.

1880 census – Cinque Hommes Township, MO

Ferdinand Bergmann married Emma Rauh on November 8, 1891 at Peace, Friedenberg. We can view the marriage license for this pair.

Bergmann/Rauh marriage license

This couple’s first child died right away, but then there were two more children born. The first two children were baptized at Peace, Friedenberg. Their last child was baptized at Zion Lutheran Church in Longtown. Then, on January 29, 1900, Emma died at the age of 27.

It is probably the fact that my birthday is January 29th that I noticed something. First of all, Emma died on January 29th, which was also her husband, Ferdinand’s, birthday. She died on his 31st birthday. However, that isn’t all. In yesterday’s story, Lena Mueller, Rudolph Landgraf’s 2nd wife, was born on January 29th. She would have been celebrating her 17th birthday on the day Emma died. Emma was buried in the Zion Lutheran Cemetery in Longtown.

Emma Bergmann gravestone – Zion, Longtown, MO

Emma died before the 1900 census was taken, so in the entry for that year, Ferdinand is called a widower. He was living in the Union Township. In addition to his 2 children, an 18 year-old girl by the name of Mathilda Fassold was living in their household as a housekeeper.

1900 census – Union Township, MO

Ferdinand married again, and what is interesting is that he married Mathilda Fassold’s aunt, Louise Fassold. Let’s take a look at her early life. Louise Fassold was born on October 11, 1871, the daughter of Albert and Margaretha (Bergmann) Fassold. Yes, Louise’s mother was a Bergmann, and she would end up marrying a Bergmann, but I didn’t find any close connection between these Bergmann’s. Louise was also baptized at Peace, Friedenberg. We find her in the 1880 census at the age of 7. Her father was a farmer in the Central Township.

1880 census – Central Township, MO

On September 24, 1894, Louise Fassold married Oliver Thorpe at Peace, Friedenberg. The marriage license for that couple is shown here.

Thorpe/Fassold marriage license

I cannot tell you much about Oliver Thorp, but I can show you a photo of him.

Two children were born to Oliver and Louise. Both of them were baptized at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Perryville. However, Oliver died in 1899, so we never see Oliver and Louise in a census entry together. Louise is found as a widow in the 1900 census. Her two children, along with 2 boarders by the name of Albrecht, made up the household.

1900 census – Central Township, MO

On November 17, 1901, the widower, Ferdinand Bergmann, married the widow, Louise Thorp. That wedding took place at Zion Lutheran Church in Longtown. The church record for that wedding is pictured below.

Bergmann/Thorp marriage record – Zion, Longtown, MO

The marriage license for this couple can also be viewed.

Bergmann/Thorp marriage license

Our German Family Tree lists 6 children born to Ferdinand and Louise Those children were all baptized at Zion, Longtown. When the 1910 census was taken, we see the following Bergmann household. There were 6 children listed in the household.

1910 census – Union Township, MO

When the 1915 plat maps were produced, we find the Ferdinand Bergmann farm located south of Longtown.

F. G. Bergmann land map – 1915

The 1920 census shows the Bergmann family living in Perryville, and Ferdinand was called a retired farmer.

1920 census – Perryville, MO

Next, we find the Bergmann’s in the 1930 census. Ferdinand is called a clerk in a feed store. One of Louise’s sons from her first marriage was living with them.

1930 census – Perryville, MO

The last census in which we find Ferdinand was the one taken in 1940. Ferdinand, at the age of 71, is called the manager of the Perry cooperative.

1940 census – Perryville, MO

Ferdinand Bergmann died in 1948 at the age of 79. We can take a look at his death certificate.

Ferdinand Bergmann death certificate

Louise is found as a widow in the 1950 census. Her daughter, Alpha, was a grammar school teacher.

1950 census – Perryville, MO

Louise Bergmann died in 1954 at the age of 82. We can also view her death certificate.

Louise Bergmann death certificate

Ferdinand and Louise Bergmann are buried together in the Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery in Perryville.

Ferdinand and Louise Bergmann gravestone – Immanuel, Perryville, MO

When I first saw a story involving a Bergmann, a Rauh, and a Fassold, I thought I had already written this story. It was not the case, but I know plenty of posts can be found on this blog that tie these names together. Perhaps this will not be the last one.

2 thoughts on “Rauh-Bergmann-Thorp-Fassold

  1. I posted too soon. My grandfather Fritz Rauh married Marie Bergmann who was a sister to Ferdinand, so two Rauh siblings married two Bergmann siblings. Charlie Rauh also married their sister Louise Bergmann. You have wonder about the dating atmosphere back then.


  2. Warren, thanks for another great blog. Emma was my grandfather Fritz’s sister. He was 2 when his father John Frederick died. I did realize until recent years that he was raised by his step father (Uncle Adam Rauh). The only picture I have of him and my great grandmother. I got a possible sketch of John Frederick from a Brickhuas but has not been verified.


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