Carl’s Arrival

I am not able to write a new post today, so I am re-blogging a post that was published on this date 4 years ago. It’s about a ship that carried many immigrants who settled in East Perry County.

On October 22, 1866, Carl arrived in America.  In fact Carl came to America many times.  In fact, I found a list that said Carl came to America 18 times between 1858 and 1872.  You see, Carl was a sailing ship with the name of Carl.  When the Carl arrived in 1866, it was carrying quite a few passengers that settled in East Perry County, Missouri and West Jackson County, Illinois.

The illustration below is said to show the Carl around 1865.

Bremen Ship Carl picture

The Carl left Bremerhaven on August 25, 1866 and arrived in New Orleans on October 22.  It took about 8 weeks to make the voyage, which is a little longer than the average time for that era.

Bremen Ship Carl traveling time

There are a few facts in this story that seem conflicting.  One of them is the fact that the passenger list for the Carl has a heading that states it was…

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