Piano Man

Since this post was published back in 2018, I have discovered more about the Kluegel piano. Not only that, but we now have that piano in our museum’s collection. Perhaps someday we can get it restored and put on display.

A rather interesting marriage took place on November 26, 1845 in Altenburg, Missouri. The circumstances that make this story interesting are the ones that occurred before this wedding took place. However, at this point, I will quickly mention that the wedding we will discuss today was the fourth wedding that took place in the new Altenburg church that was dedicated earlier in 1845. Pastor Loeber was still the pastor.

The marriage that took place on this day in 1845 was that of George Kluegel and Justine Goehring.  I should probably state that these two surnames started out as Klügel and Göring.  Both George and Justine were original immigrants who were part of the Gesellschaft.  They also both made the voyage aboard the Copernicus.  Here are images of the passenger list showing these two passengers.

Kluegel family passenger list CopernicusJustine Goehring passenger list Copernicus

Here we see them as they are listed in the book, Zion on the Mississippi.    First…

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