The Comeback of the Johann Georg

I composed this post during the first year of this blog (2016). It marked the occasion of the arrival of the Gruber Group in Perry County in December of 1839. Today marks the date on which the Gruber Group first set foot in America. They landed in New Orleans on November 27th aboard the ship, Johann Georg 183 years ago.

The people that may have been gathered at the riverfront in what would eventually become Wittenberg, Missouri on Thursday, December 12th in 1839 probably did not expect the arrival of around 140 more German immigrants.  A few might have been aware that another group of immigrants was supposed to arrive someday soon, but in the age before instant communication like we have today, they would not have known exactly when this group would arrive.

A few weeks earlier, on November 27th, a ship called the Johann Georg arrived at the port city of New Orleans carrying about 140 passengers.  Because this group was under the leadership of Rev. Theodore Carl Friedrich Gruber, they were called the Gruber group. For reasons that I am unaware, this group did not come to America with the rest of the Stephanite immigration a year earlier, but there were apparently some connections between these groups. …

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2 thoughts on “The Comeback of the Johann Georg

  1. Arthur, Check out the blog entitled “Painter Pastor”. Rev, George Hilmer painted a picture which is allegedly the Johann Georg.


  2. My family was on the Johann Georg. Pastor Gruber was reluctant to accept the leadership of Martin Stephan , (rightfully so), so they chose to come on a later voyage. My second great-grand parents, Karl Augustus Frenzel & Emilie Hopfer, (ages 13 and 3 years respectively) were on the ship. Karl actually baby sat for Emiy on the ship and later married her. I know this because in our early family reunions, a family member, Alvin Frentzel, attended our reunions and knew Emily well (later named Amelia) before she passed away in 1927. Would like to have an image of the Johann Georg but have never been able to find.


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