An Infamous Day in Wittenberg

Since I’m spending a few days with grandchildren, I’m not as likely to find time to research new stories. I missed an important anniversary yesterday. It was the 100th anniversary of a train robbery that took place near Wittenberg on November 3, 1922. I wrote a post back in 2016, the first year of this blog, that told just a little bit about this infamous event. I am republishing that post today. We still have copies of Charles Rauh’s book for sale in our museum’s gift shop.

November 3, 1922 was a day of infamy in Wittenberg, Missouri.  This little riverfront village in East Perry County, Missouri was the site of a train robbery that made the headlines all across America.

A great friend of our museum and one of our docents, Charles Rauh, has written a book about one of the train robbers who attempted to pull off the train robbery in Wittenberg.  His name was Jack “Quail Hunter” Kennedy.

Last Train Robber

In this book, there is mention of two Wittenberg residents who happened to be on that train when it was robbed.  Those two were Arnold Meyr and Arthur Mueller.  I’m going to spend a few paragraphs telling a little about these two men.

Arnold Meyr was the son of Gottllieb Samuel Meyr.  A previous blogpost told his story….An Austrian Carpenter Marries a Local Girl.  Arnold was 33 years old when the train robbery occurred. …

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