Emanuel Weber – Friedland Farmer

I will be on the road back to Altenburg today, so I am unable to research and compose a new story. I have chosen a post written on this date 5 years ago to re-publish.

A pair of twins were born on November 6, 1869 in Friedland, Missouri.  Friedland was never really a town, but it was an area north of Altenburg that received this name and is sometimes used in the church records at Immanuel Lutheran Church.  Nowadays, that area is called The Ridge.  The twins were named Emma and Emanuel, a girl and a boy.  They were the children of Johann Carl and Emilie (Gebner) Weber.  These twins have baptism records in the Immanuel Lutheran Church books.  They were baptized on Sunday, November 14th.  Here is that record.

Emma and Emanuel Weber baptism record Immanuel Emma and Emanuel Weber baptism record – Immanuel, Altenburg

That has all the looks of baptisms which took place in the church during a Sunday morning worship service, but I have my doubts.  November 14th was also the day when it is said that Emma died.   I wonder whether that baby was brought to church…

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One thought on “Emanuel Weber – Friedland Farmer

  1. Hi, my father’s paternal grandfather’s name was Emanuel Weber. Reading this sparked my curiosity. I wonder if this is the same person. Can you tell me more about the Emanuel Weber in this writing?


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