Regina’s Bicentennial Jubilee

Today is George Kaufmann’s bicentennial birthday. He was born on January 22, 1823. About 2 months ago, I wrote the story of George’s wife’s 200th birthday in this post that I am re-publishing today. Today, I suppose you could call it Regina’s Husband’s Bicentennial Jubilee. Not only do I like telling the story of a bicentennial birthday, but I also wanted a day off from writing a new story today. Re-blogging enables me to accomplish both.

Last year in March, I wrote the story of Justine Goethe’s 200th birthday, Justine’s Bicentennial Jubilee. There were 4 Goethe girls in that family, with Justine being the oldest. The time has come now to celebrate the 200th birthday of the second-born child in that family. Regina Goethe was born on December 9, 1822 in Germany. She was the daughter of Johann Gottlieb and Maria (Schmidt) Goethe. Regina was 16 years old when she traveled with her family aboard the ship, Johann Georg, in 1839. They were part of the Gruber Group that arrived in New Orleans in November of that year. That group of immigrants then made their way up the Mississippi River to Perry County by steamboat, where they arrived on December 12th, just 3 days after Regina’s 17th birthday. She must have celebrated that birthday aboard a steamboat on the river. Here is an image…

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