A Fritsche-Miesner Connection

It’s not a good day for blogs or pigs in Altenburg today. A group of folks from the Schlimpert branch of my family gather annually to butcher hogs, and today is the day. This activity not only helps us keep our meat supply less expensive, but also provides an opportunity for some valuable family time. Sadly, most of the family gatherings I attend these days are funerals. In contrast, today’s family gathering is one at which the participants wear old clothes and do a lot of laughing. I am republishing a post that was written on this day in 2017. It happens to be a post that includes several photos of family get-togethers.

One of the great sources that we have for the stories that we tell on this blog can be found on Ancestry.com.  On that site, you can find a family history with the title, “Fritsche-Miesner Family Tree”.  The author of that tree is Lori Adams.  I have never met Lori, but I do know that she has done an incredible amount of research to complete this family tree.  It does not just contain people who are directly connected to Lori’s ancestors.  In this tree, one can find just about every name that can be found in the church records in the East Perry County vicinity.  All of this has been done despite the fact that I think Lori lives in Arizona.

Today, I will tell the story of a Fritsche that married a Miesner.  There is a birthday girl.  Her name was Meta Miesner who was born on February 17…

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