He Almost Made It

I am post another old story today. It was written during the first year of this blog, and is quite short. It tells about one of the original Weber’s who was part of the Gesellschaft. He died while many of the immigrants were biding their time in St. Louis waiting to make the last leg of their trip to Perry County. Two days after the death described here, there was a death in my Schmidt family. Eva Schmidt, not even 2 years old, died and was buried in St. Louis. She would have been my great grandaunt.

DSC_0286.JPG Trinity, Altenburg Church Records – 1839

On March 29, 1839, Johann Christoph Weber died at the young age of 44 and was buried in St. Louis, Missouri.  He had brought his wife and six children to America as part of the 1838-1839 immigration.  They had traveled aboard the Republic to New Orleans and then were transported up the Mississippi River on the Knickerbocker.  The family had arrived in St. Louis and was awaiting their move to the newly acquired land in Perry County when Johann Christoph died.  After leading his family thousands of miles away from Germany, he was laid to rest about 100 miles away from his final destination.

Johann Christoph’s wife, Johanne Dorothea, moved with her remaining family to Perry County and was granted some farmland outside Altenburg.  Two of Johann Christoph’s children became notable.  Their daughter, Amalia, married Ernst Edward “Doc” Buenger, who helped serve the medical…

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