River Ridge Romance

The Easter break has brought a group of children and grandchildren to the Schmidt farm in Altenburg, so it is going to be very difficult to do research for several days. Today, I am re-posting a story written for April 7th back in 2017. It is a post that might assist our readers in understanding the area north of Altenburg known as The Ridge.

There are times when I feel I am receiving divine guidance when I find stories to do for this blog.  Today is one of those.  Actually, yesterday was one of those too.  I was floundering for a story and was just about out of options while searching for an event that took place on April 6th.  I was almost to the end of our German Family Tree when I stumbled upon the story about the Wichern family that I ended up writing about yesterday.  Before yesterday, I was clueless about the Wichern and Holschen families located on the Ridge next to the river.  Had I not done that story, I probably would not have been attracted to the story I write today.

However, before I begin this story, I must also say that I once again feel like Alice must have felt like when she made the decision to go

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