Faithful Servant in a Little School

This is the first post that was published for the date, April 8th, on our new blog back in 2016.

EPSON MFP image Bertha Doering Tribute

While going through our “picture morgue” in the family research library, we ran across this collage of pictures honoring Bertha Doering for her 20 years of service cleaning the Little School (Kleine Schule) at Trinity Lutheran Church in Altenburg.  Bertha was born as Bertha Kuntze in 1909, married Hugo Doering in 1934, and died in 2003 at the age of 93.  Also, as near as we can tell, these photos must have been taken not long before the Kleine Schule was taken down to build a new school in 1969.

Here is a letter that Bertha received from Trinity when she retired in 1969.


As far as we know, we have very few photos of the inside of the Kleine Schule.  Here is a photo of the exterior of that school building.

EPSON MFP image Kleine Schule

The photo of Teacher Hemmann and his class that was…

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