Corporal Boehme

Because I’m about to spend today on the road, I looked for an old post to place on our blog this morning and managed to find one that was written on April 27th in 2017. It tells the story of a brother of yesterday’s character, Mary Boehme. It is yet another tale about a child that spent some of his childhood in the Darnstaedt Cabin.

Today would have been the 152nd anniversary of Ludwig and Sarah (Hartung) Boehme.  I have already written a little bit about this couple in a previous post titled, From Muddy Creek to Brazeau Creek.  That post focused on Sarah’s family that came to Perry County from Pennsylvania.  Today I will spend more time on Ludwig’s story.

Another post briefly discussed Ludwig Boehme’s family in the post, Through the Valley of the Shadow of Death.  Ludwig was one of the original immigrants, coming to America aboard the Republik as an infant.  Even before the immigrants arrived in Perry County, his father, Wilhelm Boehme, died, leaving his mother, Johanna, as a widow.  About a year after their arrival, Johanna married Johann Darnstaedt, a young man who apparently was willing to marry a woman who was 15 years older than he was who already had four children under the age of…

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