Poppitz Pairs

My wife and I get to spend a few days with out twin granddaughters. I am sharing this fascinating story of a family that had 2 sets of twins. It was first published on this blog in 2017.

I started this story by looking at a wedding anniversary for this date and ended by finding a high school soccer teammate of mine…..at least I think so.  The couple getting married on April 28, 1946 was Marvin Poppitz and Anita Perr.

They were united in wedlock at Trinity Lutheran Church in Altenburg by Rev. Adolph Vogel.  Here is their marriage license.

Poppitz Perr marriage license Poppitz/Perr marriage license

This marriage caused me to look at this branch of the Poppitz family, and I found a very interesting fact.  First of all, Marvin Poppitz was the son of Ernst and Mallinda (Riske) Poppitz of Altenburg.  Here is a photo of Ernst and Mallinda.

Ernst and Mallinde Poppitz Ernst and Mallinda (Riske) Poppitz

Marvin was born on April 1, 1921, but he wasn’t the only child born that day.  He had a twin sister, Mildred Poppitz.  And if that wasn’t enough, four years later on September 2, 1925, Ernst…

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