Dealer and Healer in Downtown Altenburg

I guess I’m on a roll. This will be the 3rd share of an old blog post in a row. Not only that, the post that I chose for today is the 3rd one in a row that were first published in 2017. I chose this one partly because what was once the Neubeck Store is now being remodeled and will soon become a new business location in downtown Altenburg.

In 1895, a publication called A Modern Eden included this advertisement for the Neubeck Store in Altenburg.

Neubeck AD

Today I tell the story of George Neubeck who was born on April 29, 1836 in Bavaria and is now buried in the Trinity Lutheran Cemetery in Altenburg.

According to his biography in Goodspeed’s History of Southeast Missouri, George Neubeck came to America when he was seventeen years old.  That would have been around 1853. In 1862, we find this military record for George in St. Louis.

George Neubeck military record

From what I could find out, this 24th Regiment at the St. Louis Arsenal was not called into action, but this document does show that George is now in America.  In 1864, we still find George in St. Louis as a furniture dealer.

George Neubeck St. Louis city directory 1864Goodspeed also records that Georg became an apprentice cabinetmaker after arriving in the United States.  Eventually, he would sell his own wares in…

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