Bluebird Housing Project

I will be on the road again today, so I will share an old story. Many of Vernon Littge’s bluebird houses can still be found in East Perry County. The one on my property is showing signs of wear, but it is once again occupied by a pair of bluebirds with little ones. Our friend, Larry Degenhardt, is doing his best to build and place new bluebird houses in this area. Missouri’s state bird continues to thrive in our neighborhood.

My career as a Lutheran educator put me in several different locations.  I lived in several different cities and towns over the years.  I also consider myself to be somewhat of a birdwatcher.  I want you to know that of all the places that I have lived or visited for a long enough time to notice, the Altenburg/Frohna area in East Perry County is the location where I have observed the largest population of bluebirds.  I know that the bluebird is the state bird of Missouri, but nonetheless, I think the bluebird population around here is much higher than average.   Today I will address my theory about why I think this is true.

bluebird-570399_1280 Eastern Bluebird

Disclaimer:  This is not my photo, but it is in the public domain.

My theory is tied into the life of Vernon Littge.  Let me start at the beginning.  Vernon was the youngest child…

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