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Today, I will be on the campus of the school that I have always called Concordia Teachers College in River Forest, Illinois. I just cannot get used to calling it Concordia, Chicago. A rather large number of Perry County natives attended this college over the years and became teachers in Lutheran schools all over the country. Since I am unable to write a new story today, I am sharing this story that was written during the first year of this blog, 2016, that tells the story of 2 such men who grew up in Wittenberg before teaching at the same school in Indianapolis, Indiana.

On September 19, 1954, students at St. Paul’s Lutheran School in Indianapolis, Indiana lost one of their teachers.  Teacher Arnold Mueller died of a heart attack at the age of 59.  He is notable to us here in Perry County because he was born in Wittenberg on December 21, 1894.

I find quite a few similarities between Arnold Mueller and myself.  We both have connections to Wittenberg, Missouri.  We both married for the first time in our late 30’s, Arnold when he was 38 years old, and I when I was 39 years old.  We both married women who had previously been married.

Arnold Mueller was the son of Joseph and Mathilda (Buenger) Mueller.  They were the subject of the blog post, Yet Another Mueller Question.  Arnold’s brother, Arthur, was a character in the story, An Infamous Day in Wittenberg.  At the age of 25, Arnold was living…

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