Lixville Records

The latest addition to our Research Library is the church record book of the Lutheran congregation in a little community known as Lixville, Missouri.  This community is located in Bollinger County, not far from the town of Friedheim.  Back in August of 2016, we posted a blog about the records from the Friedheim church titled, … More Lixville Records

Tante’s Cemetery

Pastor Loeber’s sister, Christiane, came to America with the Loeber family in 1839 at the age of 43.  Like so many other German families, she was the Tante for the Loeber family.  Often there was a single female in a family that ended up with the task of helping her siblings raise their children.  Nowadays, … More Tante’s Cemetery

From Hotel to Hospital

We have already written several posts about the Wagner Hotel and the Wagner family. Just What Went on at the Wagner Hotel? More Hotel History A Lonesome Tombstone Today, the saga continues.  And there is likely to be another post after today. Today’s story starts by looking at the death certificate of Martin Louis Wagner, … More From Hotel to Hospital

A Lonesome Tombstone

Yesterday, Gerard Fiehler and I solved a mystery.  Last week in a blog post, it was said that we did not know where two Wagner men were buried.  Now we at least know where one of those two ended up. We were at the museum yesterday talking to one of our more seasoned docents, Caroline … More A Lonesome Tombstone

Mama Loeber

On July 16, 1852, Sophie Henriette Wilhelmine (Zahn) Loeber died in St. Louis, Missouri.  I have discovered that there are several similarities between this Mama Loeber and the Mama Buenger who is the main character in my book. Wilhelmine was the wife of Rev. Gotthold Loeber, who was the first pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church … More Mama Loeber