Not What They Seem

I will start today’s post by sharing images of two census records from 1850.  Both of them are from the city of St. Louis, Missouri.  First, we have this one: Then this one: Both of these records are, as the title suggests, not as they seem.  The top record seems to be Frederick Schuricht’s family … More Not What They Seem

Weaver’s Wife

On this day, July 6th, Linna (Schubarth) Bergt died in 1849.  At that time, a major cholera epidemic was taking place in St. Louis.  That disease reared its ugly head in Perry County also, because the cause of Linna’s death in Frohna, Missouri, was cholera. Linna Schubarth came to America in 1839 aboard the Johann … More Weaver’s Wife

Maria Boettcher – An Answer to Jacob’s Prayers

June of 1849 was a tragic month in the life of Jacob Kalbfleisch, who lived in St. Louis and was a member of Rev. C.F.W. Walther’s congregation.  This is how this tragedy is described from a family tree on “Tragically, very shortly after their arrival in St. Louis the cholera epidemic swept through St. … More Maria Boettcher – An Answer to Jacob’s Prayers

1849 – A Busy Year for Pastors in St. Louis

Today’s story begins in the church records of Historic Trinity Lutheran Church in St. Louis.  On May 3, 1849, we find that there was a marriage performed.  Herman Brandes was the groom, and  Wilhelmina Giesselmann was the bride.  This brings to mind how busy the Lutheran pastors must have been in St. Louis during that … More 1849 – A Busy Year for Pastors in St. Louis

A Call is Delivered

After the death of Otto Herman Walther in January of 1841, Trinity Lutheran Church in St. Louis called Otto’s brother, Carl Ferdinand Wilhelm Walther, to be their next pastor on February 8th.  Rev. C.F.W. Walther was serving two congregations in and around Perry County, Missouri at the time.  The congregation chose a shoemaker named Martin … More A Call is Delivered