J.J. the Accountant

One of my boyhood friends was named Joel. Someone pinned him with the nickname “Jolly Joel” which appropriately described his character. As time went by, that nickname was shortened to “J.J.”. Today, you will read the story of another man who could have been called “J.J.”. I don’t know if he was, but I cannot … More J.J. the Accountant

Pastor Proofreader

We do not have a baptism record for today’s birthday boy.  In fact, we don’t even come close to looking at such a document.  That is because he was born in Ranchi, India.  The map below shows the location of Ranchi in East India. The boy born on August 5, 1846 in India was Bernhard … More Pastor Proofreader

Forth and Back

Today’s story tells of a family that went back and forth between Perry County and St. Louis.  When I hear the term “back and forth”, I cannot but smile as I remember how our granddaughter, Kylie, once put on Grandma’s boots as shown in this photo. She than looked at my wife and said, “Grandma, … More Forth and Back