April 15th – A Significant Day in Lutheran History

Tomorrow, my congregation will gather after our Sunday worship to have a voters’ meeting. I am of the opinion that the concept of congregations in the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod having voters’ meetings began right here in Altenburg. In fact, I think it began on the land that I now own. I am not going to … More April 15th – A Significant Day in Lutheran History

Shortest Name?

I think the main character in today’s post would have the distinction of being the shortest name of all the individuals that have previously appeared on this blog. Her name was Ida Ude. I asked some locals how they would pronounce this name, and the answer I was given was Eye-da Oo-dee. That means this … More Shortest Name?

An Epidemic Survivor

The summer of 1849 in St. Louis, Missouri, especially the month of July, bears a certain resemblance to the present-day coronavirus pandemic.  A previous post on this blog described what was happening during the Cholera Epidemic that devastated that city and especially the Lutheran church located there, Old Trinity Lutheran Church.  That post was titled, … More An Epidemic Survivor

Hometown Preacher

Yesterday, I wrote about a native from East Perry County who went off to school to learn a profession only to return back to his home to serve that community.  I have a similar story today.  This time it is not a doctor, but a preacher.  This story has its differences.  One big one is … More Hometown Preacher