George Gerhardt – From Blacksmith to Selling Refrigerators

Today’s post once again sent me off on some more tangential research (down some extra rabbit holes).  This time, I was off on a journey to learn the history of refrigeration and tractor trailers.  I had actually done some of this research a while back on refrigeration when I was writing my Wittenberg ’03 book.  … More George Gerhardt – From Blacksmith to Selling Refrigerators

Clara’s Car Guy

Carl Hugo Paffrath arrived in New York City in February of 1882 aboard the Vaderland.  We see his name on the passenger list shown below. Little did Carl know that his family would cross paths with a girl from Perry County roots.  It was that girl who is today’s birthday girl.  Her name was Clara … More Clara’s Car Guy

Gaebler the Grocer

One of the character traits of the German Lutherans who came to Perry County is their ability to take on new professions.  For example, many of the original immigrants came to America with other skill sets, but ended up being farmers here because that was what was needed.  However, there are other examples as well, … More Gaebler the Grocer


The story today begins with the birth of Adolph Gustav Gaebler on June 20, 1881.  That certainly sounds like a typical German name, but what attracted me even more to this story is his mother’s maiden name…..Zwickelhuber. How can you not write a story about a Zwickelhuber? The Zwickelhuber story is not without its scandal, … More Zwickelhuber