Nick or Knecht?

Yesterday’s blog post brought about some lively discussion, especially with regard to this black and white photograph which supposedly showed Santa. So today, after becoming much more informed regarding the character shown in this photo, we will discuss this matter more thoroughly. Yesterday afternoon, we received a phone call from Rev. Roger Moldenhauer, a dear … More Nick or Knecht?

2016 Conference

The 4th biennial immigration history conference is now a piece of our history.  It was a wonderful three days of reunions with research patrons, a celebration of art and music, as well as an opportunity for our Historical Society to bring the leadership of the LCMS to the Altenburg region.  The Lutheran Heritage Center team … More 2016 Conference

God in a Name

I don’t have much time to research for a post today with grandchildren in town, but here is a short article.  Maybe you have noticed a lot of names which are mentioned in this blog that have the letters GOTT in them.  Gott is the German word for God.  Our German ancestors’ faith is evident … More God in a Name

Brave Warrior?

April 6 was the birthday of Kunigunda Wirth in 1849.  Her name can be found in both the Friedenberg and Longtown, Missouri church records.  After seeing this name, we became curious about the name Kunigunda’s origin.  The name appears to have roots in Germanic tribes in Europe, and the name means “brave warrior”.  This also … More Brave Warrior?