2016 Conference

The 4th biennial immigration history conference is now a piece of our history.  It was a wonderful three days of reunions with research patrons, a celebration of art and music, as well as an opportunity for our Historical Society to bring the leadership of the LCMS to the Altenburg region.  The Lutheran Heritage Center team joyfully pulled together to create an experience for our participants who came from near and far.  The scholarly paper presentations were superb.  I learned so much, and we gathered new ideas to expand on for our next conference, October 25-27, 2018–mark your calendars!

2 thoughts on “2016 Conference

  1. So glad you had a great conference. Does Ken Craft still do his talks about Zion roots on the internet? Also several weeks ago you had a item about Bodenschatz Branch. I have a Photo of Paul Reisenbichler family circa 1913? Wondering if that is where it was taken? Will try to send the picture and others photos also.
    Thank You
    Carolyn McCaleb


    1. Yes. He gave a talk on Joe NOENNIG and his out migration to dairy and orchard work in SW Missouri; a talk at the Perryville archives on probate, etc.; and a luncheon talk on DNA and genealogy. They were are super.


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