Trinity’s Tischler told the story of Carl Groh, the Altenburg carpenter who was responsible for the construction of several items in Trinity Lutheran Church, such as their altar and baptismal font.  These items are still very special to this church as they are used for the most important aspects of our Lutheran worship….Word and Sacraments.  … More Groh-klahoma!

Uncle Joe

Back when the Schirmer twins were born on December 5th, their Uncle Joe may have been snapping his fingers, saying, “Oh, so close.  If they would have waited one more day, they would have shared my birthday.”  The story of the twins was told yesterday….The Roller Mills of Rudy, Reinhold, and Martin. Joseph Holt was … More Uncle Joe

Koestering Store

Today’s story begins with a photo.  This is a photo of the Koestering store and it came with a description that Gotthold Seibel was in the picture. I have to assume that Gotthold Seibel must be the one with his backside to the camera hoeing in the garden.  If that is Gotthold, then there is … More Koestering Store