Uncle Joe

Back when the Schirmer twins were born on December 5th, their Uncle Joe may have been snapping his fingers, saying, “Oh, so close.  If they would have waited one more day, they would have shared my birthday.”  The story of the twins was told yesterday….The Roller Mills of Rudy, Reinhold, and Martin.

Joseph Holt was born on December 6, 1880.  He was the sister of Emma Holt, who became the mother of the twins.  Joseph and Emma Holt were two of the children of Joseph, Sr. and Wilhelmina (Mueller) Holt of New Wells, Missouri.  Joseph and Emma were married two weeks apart from each other in November of 1906.  Emma and Martin Schirmer were married on November 4, 1906, and two of the members of their wedding party were Joseph Holt and Louise Schneider.  Joseph and Louise were married on November 18, 1906.

Emma and Martin are on the left, and Joseph and Louise are on the right.  These are two wedding photos that bring up some interesting comparisons.  They were apparently done at the same studio, but the setup is different.  Both wedding gowns were not white, but they were not a dark color either.  They possibly could be the same color.  It is my guess that the two gowns were made by the same seamstress.

Louise Schneider was the daughter of Emil Gustav and Therese (Meyr) Schneider of New Wells.  There were six boys and two girls in the Schneider family.  In the 1910 census, the Holts are listed on the same page as Martin and Emma Schirmer.  That was when Martin was in the thrashing and saw milling business.  In that census, Joseph is described as an engineer at a saw mill.  Quite possibly, he and his brother-in-law were in business together.

Joseph registered for the World War I draft in 1918.

Joseph Holt – WWI draft registration

At that time, it is indicated that the Holts were living in Neely’s Landing, Missouri, an area closer to the Mississippi River.  He is also described as being a farmer.  Here is a photo of the Holt family which is said to have been taken at about the same time as this draft registration.

Joseph Holt family – about 1917

Joseph is holding Erwin and Louise is holding Otto. Arthur is in front next to Paula.

Here is another photo of the Holt family which was taken at the Schirmer home during a family reunion in 1950.

Joseph Holt family – 1950

Left to right in the back are: Otto Holt, Erwin Holt, Paula Holt Burroughs and Arthur Holt. In front are Joseph Holt Jr. and his wife Louise.

Later in his life, Joseph also served as the janitor at Trinity Lutheran Church in Altenburg.  Both Joseph and Louise are buried in the Trinity Cemetery.


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