Martin and Pauline – Another Pair of Noennig’s

Earlier this month, I wrote a post about a Noennig couple…Arthur and Amanda. That post was titled, Arthur and Amanda – The Noennig’s. Today, I will tell the story of another Noennig…Martin Noennig. Arthur Noennig would have called today’s character, Uncle Martin. Martin Gottfried Noennig was born on June 28, 1850, the son of Gottfried and … More Martin and Pauline – Another Pair of Noennig’s

Seelitz Sweethearts

You will read another one of those stories today about the parents of children who have been the subjects of previous posts on this blog. However, the story of the mother and father has yet to be told. Also, among the other names that I would call Seelitz names like Schlimpert, Kuehnert, and Degenhardt, you … More Seelitz Sweethearts

Metzner Maze

Johanne Caroline Christiana Metzner was not born on this day, but her birthday is pretty close. She was born on May 6, 1837 in Germany. Her parents were Johann Michael and Christiane Auguste Henriette (Aloe) Metzner. According to later census records, the Metzner family came to America in 1844. The first possible document in which … More Metzner Maze

Rev. Professor Schmidt

Today’s tale does not spend much time in Perry County, Missouri, but it has its beginning here. You will be viewing only one church record and two census records for the main character in today’s story that come from Missouri. This tale gives me the opportunity to discuss two themes that come out of the … More Rev. Professor Schmidt