Cheyenne Schubarths

Friedrich Christian Schubarth arrived in America not long after the Gesellschaft arrived on the scene.  We see him on a passenger list in New York aboard a ship named Perry arriving on September 2, 1840. His occupation is listed as a butcher.  Sometime before 1850, he married Johanne Rosine Schuricht.  Rosine was a daughter of … More Cheyenne Schubarths

Saxony Mills

A marriage took place between two prominent German Lutheran families in St. Louis on this date in 1854.  One has to be careful to identify the correct individuals participating in this wedding because this was not the first marriage between members of these two families.  In this case, the groom was Johann Fuerchtegott Schuricht and … More Saxony Mills

Not What They Seem

I will start today’s post by sharing images of two census records from 1850.  Both of them are from the city of St. Louis, Missouri.  First, we have this one: Then this one: Both of these records are, as the title suggests, not as they seem.  The top record seems to be Frederick Schuricht’s family … More Not What They Seem

Mama Lochner

Lately, my story ideas begin with a search for an event that took place on a certain day, and morph into a different story.  Today will be another of those.  We have a birthday boy by the name of Friedrich Wilhelm Schuricht, who was one of the original immigrants arriving in St. Louis in early … More Mama Lochner

Buried on the Bank

A Schuricht family history book includes the following paragraph which includes an account of the death of Johann Gottlob Schuricht on January 8, 1839. Based on evidence that we have at our museum, here is what I think happened. Johann Gottlob Schuricht (who appears to already be a Junior in the Schuricht family history) brought … More Buried on the Bank