Hazelwood was in the House

We had a wonderful day on Saturday with author, Ann Hazelwood.  She is a “rock star” in the world of quilt fiction and her new series will feature East Perry County and a cast of characters who will ring familiar if you know the “real life” characters in our region.  The title of the inaugural book in the series is ,”The Forgiving Quilt” and it can be purchased at the Lutheran Heritage Center. Ann2.jpg

Five books!! have been published regarding Perry County history in the past few months.  Our own Warren Schmidt has a new book entitled Mama Buenger.  Charles Rauh’s One Furrow at a Time is becoming a bestseller and tells our 1839 German Lutheran immigration story from a layperson’s perspective.  Graphite artist, Jeanie Eddelman has a new book of her collected Perry County drawings.  Dr. Ingarose Paust’s historic novel, Exodus of the 800, has been translated by Concordia Austin Press and is available for purchase.  All of these incredible books can be purchased at our site.  Just give us a call or an email 573-824-6070 (info@altenburgmuseum.org) and we will pop one in the mail for you.  Some of the books are available at Amazon.


These are exciting times at the Lutheran Heritage Center.  Check our website and Facebook page frequently to keep informed of our happenings.  We are working on a calendar of regional events that will be posted here, and President Warren Schmidt and I have made a New Year’s resolution to post at least one blog entry per week. Pictured is LCMS International President, Rev. Dr. Matthew Harrison holding Dr. Paust’s new novel.

As Lent quickly approaches, I pray that all of you have an insightful time of self reflection.  I challenge all of you to make a Lenten promise to support the preservation of your family history.  Visit a genealogical library, tell your children and/or grandchildren a story of their ancestors, donate to your favorite museum a collection or a financial contribution.

Take Care, Carla Jordan







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