St. Louis Druggists

On February 7, 1927, Theodore Wurmb died in St. Louis.  Theodore has a connection to the Log Cabin College in Perry County.  Theodore’s father, Theobald (von) Wurmb was one of the students in the very first class of the Log Cabin College in 1839.  Theobald lived most of his life in St. Louis as a druggist.  He opened Wurmb’s Drug Store at the same location as his home at 11th  and Salisbury St.

Theobald Wurmb
Theobald Wurmb

Theodore Wurmb took over his father’s drug store and even expanded the business, opening a second store on Grand Ave.  Theodore’s stores gained a good reputation in the St. Louis area.  He was apparently also a very talented man in more ways than that as a druggist and merchant.  He is credited with several registered patents.

Wurmb Glass
Glass from Wurmb’s Drug Store
Wurmb invention
A Theodore Wurmb Invention


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