Can You Solve This Mangels Mystery?

Meta Mangels confirmation
Meta Mangels Confirmation Certificate

The Research Crew at the Lutheran Heritage Center & Museum have been asked to solve a mystery.  We were contacted by a gentleman from Nebraska from the Gieringer family.  For some reason, the pictured confirmation certificate was given to him by his uncle.  What he does not understand is why the confirmation certificate of Meta Mangels would have gotten into the Gieringer family.  What is the connection between the Gieringer and Mangels names?  So far, we have not been able to answer that question.

Here is what we know:

  1. Meta Mangels was apparently born in 1908 in Shawneetown and baptized in New Wells.  Then her family moved to Nebraska (around Wisner).  Later, she moved back to Frohna where she was confirmed and lived with the Charles Vogel family.  She died and is buried in the Concordia, Frohna cemetery.
  2. She married Walter “Buster” Fischer in 1930.  After Meta died, Walter moved to California.
  3. Gieringer is a family name around Perryville.  There are no Gieringers listed in any of the records of Lutheran churches in the Perry County area from that time period.

If you can help with this mystery, feel free to comment here or send an email to

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