A Love Note to Lester & Annemarie in Palmetto Bay

Warren Schmidt’s blogs are a treasure for all of us. One of the many positive ripples from his writings are the relationships that sprout from the seeds he plants. I have had the honor of meeting-via telephone conversations-Lester & Annemarie Brockmann. Lester found us via the blogs, and reached out after Warren’s blog on Adolf … More A Love Note to Lester & Annemarie in Palmetto Bay

Longtown’s Hair Hacker

We hear plenty in the news these days about hackers.  There are hackers in America.  There are hackers in foreign countries.  They make the news when they have succeeded in their hacking.  Hackers are a relatively new phenomenon.  The advent of hackers only occurred with the advent of computers and the internet.  However, you may … More Longtown’s Hair Hacker