Perpetual Pastors

Paul Loeber

Rev. Paul Gotthilf Loeber, pictured lower middle) died on March 7, 1960.  His father and grandfather were Lutheran pastors.  His grandfather, Gotthold, was the first pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church in Altenburg.  His father, Christoph Heinrich, was the second pastor of Concordia Lutheran Church in Frohna.   His son, Paul Edward Loeber was a chaplain during WWII, and his grandson, Walter, was also a pastor and at last report was living in Concordia, Missouri.  That makes a progression of five consecutive generations of Loeber men who were Lutheran pastors.  Rev. Paul Gotthilf spent most of his ministry in the Boston, Massachusetts area and is buried there.

None of Walter’s sons became a pastor, although one of them was a church musician, so the string is broken.

The photo is part of an ongoing exhibit at the Lutheran Heritage Center & Museum that highlights the Loeber family.

2 thoughts on “Perpetual Pastors

  1. My grandmother was Martha Loeber of the Loeber family. She married Pastor Herbert Harthun. Would like to know more about the Loeber connection to my family


  2. Your great grandfather was Rev. Gotthold Loeber, who was the son of Rev. Christoph Loeber, who was the son of Rev. Gotthold Loeber, the first pastor of the church here in Altenburg. We have plenty more information at our museum, including a family binder full of the family research done by your great grandfather. We don’t want to post too much more here, but if you send an email to research@lutheranmuseum, we will get back to you with more.
    the Research Crew


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