The Birth of an Angel

Engel Mangels baptism record Farrar.jpg
Engel Sophia Mangels – Salem, Farrar records

Engel Sohpia Mangels was born on April 24, 1881 in Farrar, Missouri.  She was the daughter of Johann Peter and Engel (Mahnken) Mangels.  Both mother and daughter bore the name Engel, which in German means “angel”.  Engel Sophia would eventually marry Johann Claus Miessner and have seven children.  One tragic event took place when Engel Sophia was 21 years old.  Her father, Johann Peter Mangels died from drowning in 1903.

I do find it interesting that the word “angels” can be found in the spelling of Mangels.  I suppose most mothers consider their babies to be angels, but in this case the baby was named Angel by her mother who was also named Angel.  An angel gave birth to an angel.

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