Baptized with an Angel, Married to a Doctor

Johanna Eggers baptismal record Salem, Farrar

Yesterday we had a post about Engel Sophia Mangels who was born on April 24, 1881.  Today, the subject of the blog is Johanna Marie Eggers, who was born one day later and was baptized on the same day in the same place (Salem, Farrar) as Engel Mangels.  Johanna was the oldest child in the Henry Eggers family.  She is shown in the upper right in the photo below.

Henry Eggers family
Henry Eggers family

Johanna (called Jane) married Albert George Lueders of Wittenberg, Missouri in 1900.  Albert was the son of a prominent businessman in Wittenberg, and he went on to become a medical doctor.  After marriage, Albert became a doctor in Farrar for a while.  The first of his patients to die was his mother-in-law.  He was so depressed  after losing his mother-in-law that he and Jane moved to a small town outside Ft. Wayne, Indiana.

As time went by, seven of the eight children in the Henry Eggers family lived in the Ft. Wayne area at least for a time.  Most of them also moved back to the Perry County area later on.  After her husband’s death, Jane moved back to Perry County and died in Perryville.  She was then buried with her husband in Indiana.

A very important part of our Research Crew is Fred Eggers who lives in Farrar.  Jane is his aunt, and Fred provided much of the information for this article.  As Fred has pointed out, most people, when they have moved away from Perry County, moved west.  His family moved east.

There is a bed & breakfast located in Farrar, Missouri now that was once a general store owned by some sons in the Henry Eggers family.

Eggers & Co

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