A Wonderful Weekend at the Museum

The Scenic Drive was a bustling weekend for the Lutheran Heritage Center.  It was wonderful to see longtime friends like Lyndon & Margaret Moore as well as new friends.  Pictured in this blog are some of the “four wheeled beauties” that visited with their owners.  Some are classic all are collectible examples of their make/models.  The featured image yellow convertible is owned by John & Padge Haman.  They are the folks who introduced our family to the wonderful world of retired racing greyhounds.  They are long time friends of our site and now the Jordans (if you include our son and daughter who live in their own homes) have FIVE greys in our family.  I love each one of them!

The awesome orange mustang is owned by our own “Larry Mondello.”  The sharp Vet belongs to Mike and Vicki Lundy, and the green snappy Camaro belongs to our new friends, the Buchheits.

FullSizeRender (18)

Also pictured is our updated “Children at Play in Perry County” exhibit.  A special thanks to Kathy Berkbigler, Janice Unger, the Kuehnert Family, Thelma Schmidt, and Verna Hahn for providing the unique and authentic Perry County artifacts for this display.

toy exhibitCome and see us!  The museum looks incredible right now, and our Research Library is waiting for your visit.  Take Care,  Carla L. Jordan


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