Mueller-Koenig (with a Kunegunda connection)

Gottfried Mueller Martha Koenig marriage
Adolph Mueller-Martha Koenig Marriage License

Right after the Civil War, Caroline (Franke) Mueller gave birth to a son, Gottfried Adolph, on April 7, 1866 in Uniontown, Missouri.  The father was Christoph Mueller.

Twenty-two years later, Adolph married Martha Koenig at Salem Lutheran Church in Farrar, Missouri.  The marriage license is shown above.

Two items of note:

  1. Adolph’s grandfather, Gottfried Mueller, was married twice.  His first wife was Kunegunda Harz.  Another Kunegunda.
  2. Today, as we write this blog post, our local Lutheran school, United in Christ Lutheran School in Frohna, has a Mrs. Koenig (who lives in Farrar) teaching a class in which one of the students is named Mueller and also comes from this Mueller clan.

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