Bringing Back a Bride

Von Glahn  Stueve passenger list
Passenger List – 1866

In October of 1866, Johann Stueve was traveling back to America after picking up Rebecka von Glahn who he planned to marry in America.  They were both from the Hanover area of Germany. As you can see in the passenger list above, Rebecka is listed as a 26 year old passenger (along with a Margaretha who was likely her sister).  Beneath where she is listed you find Johann Stueve (although the spelling is different) who was 29 at the time.  It appears Johann also brought his mother, Adelheid, along with him.  The couple would get married in Perry County on December 6, 1866, shortly after they arrived in the United States.

Unfortunately, Rebecka only lived until 1869 when on this day, April 10, she died shortly after giving birth to her second daughter, Martha Margaretha Stueve on March 16. She is buried in the Concordia Lutheran Cemetery in Frohna.  Johann would have two additional wives after Rebecka’s death.

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