Another Kleine Schule

Matthias Wukasch and class
Matthias Wukasch and his class at the Kleine Schule in Frohna

A few days ago, we posted a photo of Trinity, Altenburg’s Kleine Schule.  Today our topic will be the Kleine Schule located at Concordia, Frohna.  The building shown in the above photo was built in 1898.

One of the interesting stories associated with this school was the teacher shown in the picture.  His name was Matthias Wukasch.  He was a graduate of the Concordia Teachers College in Addison, Illinois.  When he arrived in Perry County aboard a boat, and he was was walking with a member from Concordia to his new home, he said, “Hier in die wildnes bleibt ich nicht.”  In English, this would be “In this wilderness, I will not stay.”  Teacher Wukasch went on to teach at Concordia, Frohna for 50 years and is buried in their cemetery.

We would love to hear stories from people who once attended school in this building.  If the walls could talk, we are sure that they would entertain us with countless stories.

One big difference between the Altenburg and Frohna Kleine Schules is that the one in Frohna is still standing.  Here is a photo taken today in the rain.

Frohna Kleine Schule

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