Another Mueller Mystery Solved

Gerard Fiehler and Ted Mueller

Our Research Crew had no idea what to write about today.  And then Ted Mueller walked in the door.  Ted was here from Chester, Illinois to do the job of touching up the paint job on the interior of Trinity Lutheran Church here in Altenburg.  Ted had painted the entire interior of the church about seven years ago.  His father, Theodore Mueller, Sr., had painted the interior of Trinity about fifty years earlier.

As it turned out, Ted did not end up getting down to work right away.  He asked the Research Crew some questions about his family history.  He had some facts he remembered from the oral history of his family which have been passed down for generations.  With him being a Mueller, we knew we had a challenge.  The Mueller questions are never easy to solve since there were at least four Mueller clans which settled into Perry County, and some of them married each other.

Finally after spending some time in the Altenburg and Uniontown church records, we determined that Ted is an descendant of Johann Christian Friedrich Mueller, also known as Ziegel Mueller (translated Tiler Mueller).  Ted’s family came from  Ziegel’s son, Friedrich Bernhard Mueller.  That would put Ted in the same family as the famous J.A.F.W. Mueller (also known as Alphabet Mueller) who was the first graduate of the Log Cabin College.   Friedrich Bernhard was Alphabet’s brother.  However, according to family history, F.B. did not come to America with the rest of his family in the 1839 immigration.  He was left behind in Germany just in case the family was lost on the voyage.  Then there would be at least one remnant of the family left.  After the family had made the trip safely (although one child died at sea), F.B. came to America in 1848.

Interestingly, F.B. and his wife, Hannah, ended up in Chester, Illinois, and they both are buried there.

Friedrich Bernhard Mueller and Hannah Hornemann
Friedrich Bernhard Mueller and wife Hannah

Alphabet Mueller also ended up in Chester, Illinois as the pastor of St. John’s Lutheran Church, and he is also buried in Chester.

Below is a photo of the interior of Trinity Lutheran Church in Altenburg as it has been repainted by Ted Mueller.


It was another successful day in the Starzinger Family Research Library and Zion Roots resources.

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