What Looked Bad….

Trinity, Altenburg – May 8, 2009

May 8, 2009 was a day that looked bad for Trinity Lutheran Church in Altenburg, Missouri.  What was described as an “inland hurricane” caused much destruction in around town, including blowing the church steeple onto the church roof.  Numerous tree limbs and several entire trees ended up on the ground.  The children of Concordia/Trinity Lutheran School had to take refuge in the basement of our museum.  However, thanks be to God, there were no lives lost that day.

Instead, many good stories came out of that day.  Here are a few:

  • The steeple of Trinity’s church has been replaced and is now stronger than before.
  • The roof and ceiling of the church are now replaced and repaired and are in better shape than before.
  • The church organ happened to be gone from the church on that day in order to be rebuilt.  It almost certainly would have been ruined had it been sitting where it usually sits….right under the steeple.  Around here, that in itself is referred to as an act of God.
  • The congregation decided it would be a good time to redecorate the interior of the church.  Now there is a new narthex area, new floors, new carpet, and a new paint job.  It looks great, and we at the museum get to show many of our visitors that new interior.  They are always impressed.
  • The weaker limbs coming down in the storm would not be coming down in later ice storms.
  • One of the great outcomes of this story for us at the museum is the story itself.  The steeple story has become a very interesting one for us to tell our visitors.  We love to tell that story.

Like the story of the immigration itself, the steeple story is one that started out looking very bad, but in the end, we see that God was able to do many wonderful things as a result.  Praise be to Him!

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