A to Z – Amalia to Zacharias


Once again, we are going to meander into the Mueller Maze.  May 9, 1825 was the birthday of Zacharias Mueller, one of the original immigrants who came to America with the Gruber group. Zacharias was one of the sons of Gottfried and Maria (Rothe) Mueller of Paitzdorf, Germany.  When he came to the United States, Zacharias was fourteen years old.

By 1850, Zacharias had moved from the Uniontown area to the Altenburg area.  The 1850 census refers to him as a 25 year-old peddler who was living at the time with Christian Mueller. Here is where the Mueller Maze gets confusing.  Christian Mueller was from a different set of Muellers.  Christian Mueller was the brother of J.A.F.W. Mueller (a.k.a. Alphabet Mueller) and the son of the tiler that lived in the Dresden area.  Both Christian and his dad were sometimes called “Ziegel” Mueller (Tiler Mueller).  You might wonder how Zacharias Mueller would end up living with another Mueller family.  There is an answer to that question.  Christian Mueller had married Justine Augusta Mueller, Zacharias’s older sister.  A Mueller married a Mueller.  These are the kinds of situations that cause genealogists to lose their hair.

In 1854, we find that Zacharias married Amalia Palisch.  Except we also find Amalia listed as Amalia Hiller in the 1850 census along with the rest of the Palisch family.  This was not a matter of misspelling the name Mueller as Hiller.  A Missouri marriage record  exists which notes that Amalia Palisch married Frederic August Hiller on September 27, 1849.  Rev. Gruber is listed as the pastor, but this marriage record is not recorded in the Uniontown books.  However, it appears that this marriage did not last long because as stated previously, Amalia was living with her family in 1850 and no husband is recorded.  About four years later, Amalia and Zacharias are getting married.  What makes their marriage interesting is that it took place in St. Louis and appears to have been a civil ceremony.  We think it is safe to assume that the difficulties Amalia had with her previous marriage, whatever they may have been, must have caused this couple to be married somewhere other than in an East Perry County church.

Zacharias became a store owner in Altenburg, and the couple had eight children who lived to adulthood.

There you go.  We got you into the Mueller Maze.  We are sure that we will be back to this labyrinth again.

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