A Tainted Wedding Record with a Wonderful Story

Roschke error Old Trinity Records 2

The marriage record above can be found in an Excel spreadsheet which is part of the church records of Old Trinity Lutheran Church in downtown St. Louis.  It was produced in order to provide another format for their church records.  However, the record shown above has a glaring error.  Carl Eduard Roschke did NOT marry Liddy Buenger on June 1, 1846.  We wrote about the Roschke wedding not long ago.  It was titled Tailor to Teacher.  The transcribing from the original record to the spreadsheet was done incorrectly.  Carl Eduard Roschke married Justine Jahn on May 24, 1846, one week before June 1.  The next wedding in line was the marriage of Liddy Buenger. Now that we have informed Old Trinity of this error, it has been corrected.

Since today is June 1st, we will tell the story of the Liddy Buenger wedding.  Liddy (Lydia) married Rev. Friedrich Lochner, a Lutheran pastor who was serving in Toledo, Ohio. Lydia was the sister of Rev. Johann Friedrich Buenger and Emilie (Buenger) Walther (C.F.W.’s wife).  Friedrich Lochner had arrived in St. Louis in late May of 1846 to attend one of the early meetings of pastors who were discussing the formation of a new Lutheran synod in America.  Rev. Dr. Ernst Sihler of Ft. Wayne was in the business of matchmaking.  He wanted to find a wife for Rev. Lochner and knew that the young Lydia was available.  When the two pastors arrived in St. Louis, they stayed at the home of of both C.F.W. Walther and Lydia Buenger.  Friedrich was introduced to Lydia and was apparently quite impressed with her.  Since Friedrich was in town for only a short time, he quickly asked Lydia to be his bride.  Lydia had quite an interesting response to this proposal.  She said she could not decide until she heard Friedrich preach.  Fortunately, he was scheduled to preach the Ascension Day sermon at Trinity.  A few days after she heard his message, Lydia agreed to marry her rather new acquaintance, and on June 1, Rev. C.F.W. Walther performed the marriage for them.  It was just a matter of days after that that the couple boarded a steamboat and traveled back to Toledo.

Another recent post has a connection to this story.  Elda Buenger, who owned the dollhouse shown in A Blissful Buenger Artifact would have considered Lydia to be her great aunt.

I believe that the above drawing of Lydia was done by her husband, Friedrich, who was a very gifted artist as well as a preacher.

(Shameless self-promotion) In case you are interested, this story of Lydia and Friedrich is told in fictional form in my book, “Mama Buenger:  Mother of a Synod” which can be purchased through this website or on Amazon.

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