LWML State Convention

I had a wonderful time at the LWML-Missouri St. Conference this weekend in Cape Girardeau.  There were 600+ folks in attendance.  We hosted a table to talk with folks about our museum and research library.  We also sold books.  A special thanks to Diane Weber and Carolyn Schmidt for helping us get everything organized.  I appreciated the support at the table from our “Authors in Residence”–Warren Schmidt & Charles Rauh.   Eunice Schlichting helped me at the table Sat. and we had a blast.

Thank you to everyone who kept the museum going while we were away.

I had wonderful conversations with church leadership, folks running missionary programs, and brilliant people coordinating social ministry programs for LCMS.  We talked with KFUO radio, and Polly Gribali at Lutheran Hour Ministries was amazing (and one of her free giveaways was “Lutheran Lip Balm”–too cool!)  However, my favorite thing all weekend was not a human contact, but a canine one–Jesse the “Comfort Dog.”  She was amazing!

I’m proud to be a member of LWML.  I wish I had more time to give them.  I will never forget all of the reunions of friends I saw this weekend and the joy and positive energy that comes from 600+ women, and some great men too–celebrating our faith and our efforts to serve our world.  Take care, Carla L. Jordan


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