Clue in a Photo

My grandfather was Emanuel Schmidt, who as far as I knew, was born, raised, and lived his entire life in Perry County, Missouri.  However, I ran across this census record for the city of Addison, Illinois which had an Emanuel Schmidt of the right age and born in the correct state.  Meanwhile, Emanuel is not included in any census record for Perry County.

Emanuel Schmidt 1900 census

The birth year is one year off, and I never heard any family stories which indicated my grandfather had spent any time in the Chicago area, so I didn’t give much credence to this census record as being my Emanuel.

Then I noticed something special about this photograph of Emanuel.

Emanuel Schmidt.JPG
Emanuel Schmidt

In the information at the bottom of the photograph you find this:

Emanuel Schmidt photo closeup


And then I found that the location of the studio was very close to Addison, Illinois.

Addison Illinois

Now I have concluded that my grandfather did indeed live in Addison, Illinois in 1900.

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