This is my circus, and these are my monkeys!


I have had the honor of directing the Lutheran Heritage Center for 11 years.  It has been a privilege to captain this ship along with great executive board members, volunteers, and  support from around the globe.  Every trip into this pretty little town brings me joy.  No where are the changing seasons more lovely than looking out my office window in Altenburg.


Now, for the cast of characters pictured above: from the left, Lynn- the best researcher, engineer, and friend a site director could have (and I’ve worked with a lot of them); Charlie-our “author in residence,” a raconteur, and my mentor every Tuesday; Gerard Fiehler-my assistant, a world-class genealogist, and my daily hero (example: I lost my checkbook and he dug through a dumpster and found it!); Doug-a great patron, friend to every dog/cat he’s ever met, and a brilliant man; Warren-author, great leader, a wonderful teacher, and one of the best bloggers you’ll find.  All of these guys, and many others make my life at the museum rich, fun, funny, and a joy.  They are my example of how a little curmudgeon mixed with smarts and friendship can make for a pretty awesome place to work.  There are just as many women (and more guys as well as a bunch of kids) who make me want to jump out of bed to come to work. I will be featuring them over the next few weeks.

I am delighted to announce that we have four new docents starting on Monday with training at 10am.  I hear there will be coffee cake from “The Old Bank Coffee Shop” for our new team members (thanks Lindy.)  If you would like to join our team, give me a call, and we will talk about it.  It might be worth joining us to have Lindy’s special coffee cake!

Wishing you a happy and safe week’s end. The museum and research library will be open all weekend.  Take care, Carla Jordan


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