150th Wedding Anniversary

Petzoldt Lindner marriage record
Petzoldt/Lindner Marriage Record – Perry County

On June 19, 1866, Richard Petzoldt and Johanna Lindner were united in marriage at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Altenburg.  Rev. Theo. Koeberle performed the ceremony.  Today would have been their 150th wedding anniversary.  It appears to be only the second marriage performed by Rev. Koeberle after he replaced Rev. Schieferdecker in 1866.

Petzold Lindner Marriage Immanuel.JPG
Petzoldt/Lindner Marriage record – Immanuel, Altenburg

Richard arrived in America along with the rest of his father’s family in 1849.  His father, Friedrich Florian Petzoldt, is mentioned in the following way in the book, Chronicles of the City of Lengenfeld:

“In the year 1848 we hear of the first Lengenfelder, master fabric maker August Petzoldt, who emigrated to North America, where (in 1849) his family and his brother Friedrich Florian Petzoldt (also a master fabric maker) followed.  They are supposed to have settled somewhere along the Mississippi River.”

Johanna Christine Lindner’s father was Johann Christian Gottlob Lindner, a weaver who had traveled to America aboard the Johann Georg with the original group of immigrants.  She was born in 1848 and was baptized at Concordia Lutheran Church in Frohna.

Richard and Johanna Petzoldt
Richard and Johanna Petzoldt

Richard and Johanna had nine children who grew to adulthood.  There were also a few that died in childbirth or very early in life.  There are quite a few residents of East Perry County nowadays who can trace their roots to the Petzoldt brothers who arrived here in 1849.

One other note of interest.  Richard’s father, Friedrich Florian Petzoldt is known around here for having one of the most interesting tombstones.  It is the tombstone with his picture carved on it.  It can be found in Immanuel’s cemetery.

Friedrich Florian Petzoldt gravestone
Friedrich Florian Petzoldt tombstone

2 thoughts on “150th Wedding Anniversary

  1. Thanks for your interest. We are trying to figure out what is the best way to inform you about your family members here in America. We may need you to send us an address so we can send you something. You can email that to us at research@lutheranmuseum.com if you would like. We definitely have some information that will interest you. We would love to have you come to Perry County and visit our museum.


  2. very, very interesting, because Friedrich Florian Petzold’s father Paul Friedrich Petzoldt was the brother of my great great great grandfather Christfried Petzoldt * 03.09.1785 . I have the original chronicles of Lengenfeld from Karl Böhm, edited 1935 on my desk.

    I was always looking for the children of Friedrich Florian (I) and found Friedrich Florian (II) * 1868 and Adolph and only today learned of Richard as a child from Friedrich Florian (I).

    As you mention “quite a few residents of East Perry County nowadays who can trace their roots to the Petzoldt brothers who arrived here in 1849”, who is it ? Can you give me names / adresses ?

    Regards Dr.Christfried Petzoldt, Bremen, Germany, drpetz@web.de



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